For recruiters - FAQ

Updated: 2018 November 6th

Hi there πŸ‘‹ thanks for taking an interest in me and my profile, I know I'm nothing more than a keyword match right now, so I have gone to the effort of putting this information here for you.

Please πŸ™, please, try to make it to the end. I know there's a fair bit of info here and you have roles to fill. I'm trying to save us both some time here. You're welcome πŸ‘

What's your current situation?

  • I'm not actively looking for a new role.

What's my ideal role?

  • Junior to Mid level role to match my six months commercial experience.

  • Working with React, Gatsby, Netlify and GitHub.

  • Permanent, not open to contract roles right now (or for the next 24 months or so).

    • From previous experience I feel I need to qualify this by saying a "contract of employment" i.e. a permanent role, not a "consultancy contract" between my business and the employer/client.
  • Working in an agile environment using best practices for development.

  • A good percentage of pair programming on the team.

  • Working in a team where there is an emphasis on technical development.

  • If you really want to grab my attention, tell me how you collaborate, how you keep quality high, how you contribute back to the community, and how you help your team continue to learn and grow.

  • Work life balance is a big deal for me, I really do not want to go over a 42.5 hour working week.

What's your preferred stack?

  • Really enjoying using the JAMStack right now, with Gatsby (which uses React and GraphQL) being my framework of choice.

  • For styling I have taken to using styled-components πŸ’…, take a look at the used by section on their site.

  • For CMS I'd like the opportunity to work with GraphCMS or Contentful.

  • For back-end I prefer node which is where the majority of my back-end experience is.

How many years experience do you have?

  • Check out my about page which details my experience and a bit about me.


  • Right now, for me, it's more about learning and progressing with the technology than it's about salary.

  • If you don't want to give me a exact number then a range would be fine, but really the previous point covers it 😊.

Are you willing to relocate?

  • nop!

  • For my development over the next 24 months or so I will get the most out of being office based closer to more experienced colleagues.

What are your location preferences?

  • I live a ~30 minute train ride from London Victoria/Blackfriars and prefer to avoid travelling by tube if possible.

    • I'll consider roles three or four tube stops max from either London Victoria or Blackfriars.
  • Based in Swanley, Kent I'll consider places that are close to Sevenoaks and Bromley.

Your skills look like a great match for this position we have. Can we have a quick five minute phone call to chat?

You are welcome to my phone number to call but I won't answer it unless there is a prior arrangement or I recognise your number. I prefer to avoid phone calls for these reasons:

  • I'm on a maker's schedule, which means interruptions are disruptive to my flow.

  • I've already tried to answer some of the most basic questions on this site, and I've probably phrased them more clearly here than I will on the phone.

  • This question gets asked frequently enough that my default answer has to be, if not "no," at least "read this first."

  • Contact me by email. That's my preferred means of communication. If we are still interested in after some fact checking I'd love to have a chat.

  • Want me to know you have spent more than the three seconds nearly all recruiters spend on this page? (I use Google Analytics πŸ‘€)

    • In your email mention "Quick Start Guides Rock!" and you will have my attention and gratitude. πŸ™

Can I take a look at your CV?

Do you have your CV in PDF/MS Word format?

  • No.

  • The link to my CV is my product and brand, as it was built and styled by me. I consider this a way to showcase my current skill level. If your client wants to see my CV give them the link.

Notice period?

Interview availability?

  • I can telephone interview with little notice.

  • It will entirely depend on the location for face to face interviews.