What I’m doing Now

Last updated: March 10th 2019


Working as a Web Developer for Karmarama, using a variety of technologies. I’m currently working on a project that uses NextJS for the front-end with Apollo and Prisma with GraphQL Yoga for the back-end, I have referred to it as like the company Pinstagram.

My team and I have have just completed the dashboard for the AI moderated debate that took place in Austin, TX for SxSW 2019.

I am coordinating team training for the whole team to get an overview of React Hooks and how we can use them in our debases.


Code! I’ve been coding a lot, wouldn’t really say it’s play, but it has been taking up a lot of my spare time recently.

Back at the gym, currently five days a week 😬 and alternating heavy ant light days with barbell training: Squat, Bench, Press, Deadlift and rows.

Diet I have started the 16/8 fasting again and a 24hr fast midweek.